We are a heart-centered community that explores the ways to help you live the happiest and most empowered life possible!


Exploring metaphysical & spiritual principles that aid in your ability to move forward on your life’s path in true alignment with your soul’s purpose

Authentic Expression

Releasing blocks that inhibit your ability to tap into your own inner wisdom and learning to authentically express yourself in a healthy way

Healthy Body

Discovering wholistic methods and alternative healing modalities that assist your body in feeling optimally healthful and energetic

Calm Mind

Creating a balanced, peaceful mindset that helps to give you a positive perspective and the clarity to problem solve and find your way easily in life

Balanced Emotions

Exploring priniciples and techniques that help you to keep a positive outlook and allow you to tap into your true, innate feelings of joy, freedom, and empowerment


Making new friends, connecting with other people who are also on a journey of empowerment and joy, and being part of a heart-centered community

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  • Find other positive people to connect with and who truly enrich your life. Know you are seen and heard by others who understand where you're at and are also on a journey of empowerment and joy
  • Meet and be inspired by teachers and others in your community who help you keep a positive perspective every day
  • Keep learning and exploring to find the things that work best for you to live the most healthfully - everybody is different (mind, body, emotions) and not all of healing modalities work the same for everyone. So explore, experiment, and find what works for you!
  • Learn to visualize, and then realize, your desires - and get to know others who have done the same
  • Learn metaphysical, spiritual & wholistic ideas and techniques that help you rediscover yourself in fun and healing ways
  • Share your projects and ideas with others who are also exploring and expanding


I woke up today feeling so happy, which is a feeling I haven’t felt since I was a missionary! Thank you for helping to remind me how awesome I am and that I have value to give.

Anna, 24

I love it! It was a wonderful and fulfilling experience on so many levels. I attribute it to the warmth, gentle instruction, and the companionship of the others.

Patricia, Pilates Instructor & Thai Massage Therapist

Empowering. A great way to gain introspection and learn about ourselves. When all is said and done, I feel better about myself.


The groups are always a pleasure. The last group I attended was transformational. The creativity gave me a different perspective on my life.

Roger, MFT

Very supportive instruction and encouragement. Have No Fear!

Kim, Retired

With my busy life I don’t take the time to get out of my head and just be with myself. The workshops give me that space with a set agenda, and even though there is a theme, it’s fun, freeing, and opens a flow so I can do what I want and express myself creatively.

Jill, Teacher