Meet Amy and Kerry Lee

Before meeting each other, Amy Therese and Kerry Lee both left their successful corporate careers in search of expression that was more in alignment with who they were. While each embarked on their own brand-new adventure, the Universe conspired to bring them together: unexpectedly moving long-time Texas resident, Amy, to California, where she met the resonant spirit of Kerry Lee. Driven by their shared passion and commitment to inspire others to live their lives to the fullest, they formed The Unclouded Adventure.

Kerry Lee

Kerry Lee is a Certified Intentional Creativity® Teacher, GOLDEN Artist Educator, healer and entrepreneur based in the San Francisco Bay Area. After a long career in the corporate world and a thirty-year case of “creative constipation,” she now uses her gifts as an intuitive artist and award winning professional to create Intentional Creativity Transformative Workshops, Mobile Painting Parties with Purpose, Corporate Teambuilding Events (Where Introspection Ignites Innovation), teaching DoTerra Essential Oil classes and is an Officiant for custom celebrations, weddings and life ceremonies. 

As a transformational catalyst, Kerry Lee guides her clientele through a process of self-discovery, connection and metamorphosis. She teaches how intention can enhance intuition, wisdom, communication, community and joy. Her ability to hold warm, inspiring and uniquely personalized sacred space in gatherings is her genius. No experience is needed as there is magic in her method for all! 

Amy Therese

Amy Therese is an artist and business woman who has dedicated many years to studying metaphysics and how it works in our lives. After spending much of her life as a driven, type-A personality striving to find validation in accomplishment (graduating at the top of her class in college and dedicating her professional life to turning around failing businesses), she finally decided to step off the treadmill of perfectionism in order to create more balance and joy in her life. Since then, she has dedicated herself to inspiring others, as she has been inspired, to fully apply metaphysical principles to their businesses as well as their personal lives, and is co-owner of Happy Life Pottery in Benicia, California.

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