Meet Our Ambassadors!

A community is only as active as its members are! So we'd like you to meet the growing team of people who help welcome new members and keep the conversation going!

These special people have committed to make our community stronger and more vibrant because they believe in intentional living and community support.

Thank You Ambassadors!

Jill Lowell

Greetings fellow travelers! 

I'm Jill Lowell (aka JEWL), and I live in a magical, mystical enclave of the SF Bay Area. Being an intuitive, connecting to the deeper mysteries of life has always been my passion. I attended the clairvoyant program at Aesclepion in San Rafael in my 20's, became a mother of two incredible sons in my 30's, and a Reiki master in my 50's. Oh, and I forgot to mention I've been married to my high school sweetheart for 35 years! This past June after almost 30 years, I retired from guiding and nurturing young hearts and minds as a preschool teacher, and am looking forward to "what's next."

I'm a spiritual seeker, awesome secret keeper, light worker, proud Earth Mama (well, I am a Taurus..), family lover, true friend, emerging artist, nature reveler, animal adorer ( big cats are my favorite and I want to be a black panther in my next incarnation), shower singer, wanna be dancer, and quirky lover of all things FUN!

I am honored and "over the moon" excited to be an Ambassador with the UCA, and to be on this adventure with YOU!

Kim Kane

I was born in Arizona but my gypsy ways have kept me moving around for most of my life. Being a seeker in many ways, I was always looking for the next adventure!  I have found a community in Northern California that I now consider to be home, but I still have a cowgirl's heart, a seeker's soul, and eyes to see the new in everyday life. My partner, Jeff, helps to ground me so that I can fly as high as I want and still have a safe landing. My spiritual journey began nearly 30 years ago, exploring many paths to compassionate wholeness, but I've only recently allowed art to become part of the spiritual toolkit.  For me, it is another way to be in this moment and find a community of kindred spirits. 

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life"  P.P.

Kathy Myers

I grew up in a small town in Iowa and came to California in 1985. After living in San Francisco for 6 years I was very fortunate to discover and move to Benicia, where we raised our now 23 year old son and found myself surrounded by a most amazing village of friends. The cute house that I live in now has a workshop in the back yard that Kerry Lee uses as her art studio. Love seeing her back there painting away! I have always been a gatherer of friends, make it a priority to stay actively a part of their lives, and love connecting them with each other and seeing those new friendships form.

On the week days, I work for the city of Walnut Creek, and I love my job and my coworkers... When I'm not working? I'm happiest hanging out with friends and family - laughing, watching a Giants game or a Benicia sunset, listening to live music, playing games, or just doing something fun and spontaneous. And I am always curious to see what the universe has in store for me at this stage of my life! Happy to be a part of the Unclouded Adventure!

Vera Merlo

Portland, OR
Metro Area

I am the 5th of 6 sisters raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. Daughter, Mother, Grandmother, Sister, Aunt, and Friend. My career has been varied but mostly in sales and customer service with a short lived career change to a massage therapist in my late 40’s. People are my passion. I have a deep appreciation of nature and animals (especially my little dog). Due to being reprimanded by my kindergarten teacher for rushing a painting of a house because another little boy was waiting to use the easel, I have forever shied away from anything labeled “art.” Now, in my early 60’s, I am ready to put my toes in the water and find my creative self.

Donna Browning

My father was career Army. After spending the first 5 years of life in Okinawa, we settled in Davis CA where I happily spent my formative years. Much like many girls of this generation I was taught the essential skills of homemaking, such as housekeeping, cooking and sewing. In high school I made half of my wardrobe. As a young fashionista I figured the fashion industry would be a good place to begin a career. While attending the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, as a merchandising major it became clear to me that one needed more than just a love of clothing to succeed in the fashion industry. 

During one of my first adult jobs at the U. C. Davis student health clinic, the nursing staff taught me how to do counted cross stitch. It was a full on love affair with needle craftscross stitching, embroideryneedle pointand weaving miniature coil baskets. Then, life happened. Marriage and a child left little time to engage in my passion. 

In the decades to come my journey took me from banking, the UC system, construction, Esthetics and I even worked as a barista at Starbucks. One can find joy in the most unexpected places. Steaming milk foam for a cappuccino brought me great joy

Currently, I have returned back to school to become a Clinical Medical Assistant and am working towards combining esthetics and medical assisting to become a Medical Esthetician, helping women to age gracefully. 

It’s a pleasure to join the team at The Unclouded Adventure. I’m looking forward to taking this journey with all of you!  

Sue Swan

Sherwood, OR

I am so happy to be a part of this new exciting venture!  I have always been interested in personal growth, spirituality and building connections.

I was raised number 5 of 6 children on a quarter horse breeding ranch in Davis, California. Horses and animals have always been a huge part of my life.  I retired as a farm loan specialist from the USDA Farm Service Agency and started Sue Swan’s Holistic Horse Health.  I combine healing herbs with PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field therapy), kinesiology, essential oils and nutrition to help horses, humans and other animals.  I even have an elephant client!  I am so grateful for my amazing daughter and 2 awesome grandchildren, my wonderful family I was born to, and the family and friends I have chosen along the way!